This is getting boring

It’s been x-number of days since I’ve posted.  Besides having nothing to write about, I’ve had no interest in writing.  I may be prematurely going into winter hibernation mode.  Let’s face it, there’s 9 seasons of X-files, 4 seasons of Parks and Recreation, and I still have episodes of Portlandia season 4 to watch.  Not to mention all the other shows I’ve been wanting to watch and/or catch up on.

However, if you’re interested in watching something ridiculous and highly inappropriate (which perhaps most Anime is, but I’m not very familiar with the genre) you should check out Ouran High School Host Club.  Do it soon though, Netflix tells me it’s only on until January.

Ouran Host Club


I don’t want to give too much away, as you’ll probably not only refuse to watch it, but write me off entirely for telling you to watch it.

Ms. Coworker introduced it to me.  Her significant other if very good at finding ridiculous things on both the internet and Netflix.

She also introduced to me to What Does the Fox Say?

Even though this video has over 71.5 million views, I probably still wouldn’t know about it if it weren’t for her.  I had it suck in my head for days.

Anyway, back to Ouran(porno high school).  Basically, it’s a show about exorbitantly rich and horny teenagers.  However, there’s no sex involved, only heavy petting and awkward innuendoes.  Why awkward you ask?  Well, those two red heads in the picture above are twin brothers.  Enough said.  Oh, and the small one, is supposed to be high-school age but his character is written as a small child.  This apparently really attracts the ladies.  Also, speaking of ladies, they don’t appear to have any brains about anything, but getting false lavish attention from equally rich school boys.

I have no idea why this show is appealing.  Probably for it’s car wreck effect.  You don’t want to watch, but really.  You do.

Alright, go entertain yourselves for awhile.  I’ve given you more than enough to ponder about about who I actually am as a person, except for the short one (above) with the dark hair. Mistaken as a boy and left that way.

P.S.  New JT album released today.  The steam mop is AWESOME.  I bought an X-files T-shirt.

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